Welcome to Just One Guitar

Just One Guitar is all about an amazing guitar player named Tim Jacobi, or as Siri and Apple like to refer to and pronounce it... "Tim Jac-a-be".

Tim leads a band of misfits on Friday nights called the Broken Chains Praise & Blues Revue. The band is full of all different personalities that, for some reason, seem to mesh together perfectly.

The phrase "Just One Guitar" was born from a saying Tim uses quite often... "Just One Guitar, boys... Just One Guitar". You see, at the beginning of a song, regardless of how you might hear it start on the radio, always needs to start with guitar and only guitar... only 1 guitar. The band would start a song and different members would play their parts... the parts they thought were theirs but, according to their leader, Tim Jac-a-be, no song has ever started with any other instrument but guitar so, he politely ask them to just let him start the song. Now, when I say politely I mean... "Guys, just one guitar... no one else... just one guitar... everyone else just stop playing and interrupting"! So, most all songs you hear them play start with... say it with me... "Just One Guitar"!

So, there is the short story of "Just One Guitar" and how it got started.

Band Members:

Tim Jacobi: Lead Guitar / Vocals
Darrell Gow: Keyboards / Vocals
Nathan Jacobi: Drums / Percussion
Nikki Walls Gillissie: Vocals
Mark Mashburn: Acoustic Guitar / Vocals
Larry Lane: Bass / Vocals
George Kennedy: Acoustic Guitar Myra Weeks: Cello

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